Meeting Kim Baxter - HR Director, CI

Meeting Kim Baxter - HR Director, CI

After joining Moore Stephens in 2017 with a People focus, I became Head of HR CI in January 2020. During that time, my role has proved to be one of the most rewarding and challenging of my career. 

Human Resources have always played a leading role in navigating organisations through workplace challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact and turned life upside down for businesses, their employees, and the wider community. However, throughout it has provided us with opportunities to progress our Moore Stephens People agenda and even stronger resilience and relationships.

One of my top priorities is wellbeing, which is more than simply supporting - it’s about developing a culture that allows our employees to thrive and feel valued. This strategy is not simply an HR approach; it requires our leadership to be cognizant, to have buy-in, and to be ready to act, which demonstrates the sincerity of our independent ownership and autonomy.

We pride ourselves on a culture of caring for, listening, and supporting our colleagues and their families through various initiatives during both the good and the bad times. This is evident in the way we are approaching flexible working and by placing greater emphasis on quality of contribution, rather than quantity.

I am proud to work for Moore Stephens in this role and look forward to helping the growth of our People and our business.

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