Managing operational risk is key to successful investments

Risk assessment is key to successful investments, and operational risk should feature high on the list.  Assessing the operational risk of potential and current investments helps wealth funds to protect their assets and ensure future investment returns.

There are many elements to operational risk, all of which need careful assessment before making a fully informed investment decision. It is equally important to monitor the operational risk associated with outstanding investments on an ongoing basis. Making investment decisions can be challenging, but adding operational risk assessments into the equation helps to improve the quality of the process and the robustness of the decisions made.

Drawing on our experience as auditors and advisers to wealth funds, Moore Stephens has developed a framework to investigate and report on all aspects of operational risk for hedge, private equity and other alternative investment funds.

Our brochure provides further information on our services and some example case studies, if you're interested in learning more, please contact us.