Data Management Administrator





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Data Management Administrator


Job Description

Job title: Data Management Administrator
Department: Compliance
Reporting to: Head of Compliance
Job Level: 2
Role purpose: To ensure that all data held within the database is accurate and up-to-date, and that any new data/amendments/closures are input promptly.
To ensure that timely and accurate reports can be obtained from 5Series for Board and Management information purposes, National Risk Assessments, FATCA/Common Reporting Standard reporting and other ad-hoc requirements.
To ensure that the National Risk Assessment returns are submitted accurately and on time.
To ensure that the FATCA/CRS returns are submitted accurately and on time.
Core responsibilities:
  • To manage the input of data into the central database, ensuring that it is accurate and correctly recorded.
  • To update and/or amend any discrepancies found within the database promptly.
  • To ensure that new business details are added to the database promptly and accurately.
  • To ensure that business closures are recorded in the database promptly.
  • To ensure that prompt and accurate reports of data are extracted from the 5Series database in accordance with Board, Management, Regulatory and Audit requirements.
  • To ensure that the National Risk Assessment returns are completed and submitted accurately and n time.
  • To ensure that FATCA/CRS Reports are submitted accurately and on time.
  • To ensure that tax details of clients are accurately recorded in the database
  • To ensure that self-certificates received from clients are completed accurately and match with our understanding of the client.
  • To ensure that residence details are updated as required.
  • To provide reports of any missing data for completion.
Technical / Professional / Qualification Requirements:
  • Proven ability to collect, organize, analyse and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy; and
  • An understanding of the Codes of Practice including robust knowledge of FATCA/CRS and NRA requirements; and
  • Ability to manage and communicate effectively with a range of internal clients; and
  • Problem solving aptitude, with the ability to see the finer details at the same time as being able to focus on the big picture, long term solutions and delivery; and3 years Financial Services experience with good administration skills; and
  • Evidence of Continuous Professional Development
Person Specification / Competencies Client: Strong client focus, driven to deliver a quality service, spots opportunities for development of client delivery and service, sets standards.
Company: Has a commercial outlook, follows procedures, innovative approach to work, spots procedural weaknesses and identifies areas for efficiencies, manages regulations and risk, proactive escalation of self-identified risk areas, demonstrable active learning, and evidence of shared learning.
People: Collaborative, team player, strong communication skills, shares knowledge and experience.